When Musser Engineering, Inc. began in 1982, the business had only two employees besides our founder Randall L. Musser. Since then, the company has grown to include many highly experienced personnel in the fields of
Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering,  Surveying, Land Planning, 
Geology, and Hydrogeology. 

Experienced and Educated Team

Randall L. Musser, P.L.S. & P.E.


Professional Engineering in PA & MD, Professional Land Surveyor & Sewage Enforcement Officer in PA

Certified Agricultural Odor Management Specialist

BS in Civil Engineering

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

*Over 40 Years of Experience*

Dave Zwick

Engineering Technician

Certified Agricultural Nutrient Management

& Odor Management Specialist 

BS in Industrial Engineering

Penn State University

*Over 32 Years of Experience*

Harry Graham

Engineering Technician

BS in Civil Engineering

Penn State University

*Over 30 Years of Experience*


Bobbie Brubaker

Permit Compliance Specialist

Triangle Tech at Greensburg

*Over 30 Years of Experience*

Ronald L. Musser, P.G.

Vice President;

Professional Geologist in PA & NY

BS in Natural Science/Geology

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

*Over 30 Years of Experience*

Jeremy Helman

Geological Technician/Water Sampler

BS in Science Geography

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

*Over 10 Years of Experience*

Steve Keller

Survey Coordinator

AS in Applied Science

Penn Highland Community College

*Over 5 Years of Experience*

Kayla Kabina

CADD Specialist

Mechanical Drafting & CADD 

Somerset County Technology Center

*Over 10 years of Experience*

This list highlights only a few members of Musser Engineering's highly experienced team. Contact us to find out about additional members of the team!

Bobbie Brubaker

Permit Compliance Specialist